When Life Gives You Lemons…

... you make virtual cocktails!

There is no question that this year has been wild! When COVID-19 hit, we thought our spring and summer event plans were toast and frankly our marketing team was a bit downtrodden. How can we follow the rules of social distancing while still providing entertainment for our residents?  

...you make virtual cocktails!

There is no question that this year has been wild! When COVID-19 came bursting through our spring and summer plans, frankly our marketing team was a bit downtrodden. We had so many exciting event ideas for our residents, but then something amazing happened…

Our Sign-up Page Literally Exploded!

Typical events at Mac are held in our various communal locations, such as our on site theater (yeah, we have a movie theater!) or by the poolside, etc. Circumstances reminded us that, sometimes you have to just go with the flow, and the ways our residents adapted to these changes were truly inspiring! While there was no precedent for virtual events at Mac, our residents were eager to stay engaged with their neighbors, no matter the format. 

From the Start...

Our team at Mac has a goal to assist our 30-building portfolio in Kansas City feel and act as a community within a community. Our events provide a way for our residents to not only engage in fun activities, but also get to know their neighbors. We find that these connections are part of what makes living at Mac truly unique.

Behind the scenes of event preparation, you’ll typically find a dedicated team of Mac’s employees putting together all the bells and whistles for each event. For the Mac Mixology event, this meant assembling close to 90 cocktail kits with fresh ingredients.

To the Final Detail...

The amount of thought and finesse that goes into structuring Mac events is creativity at its finest. Our marketing team, and all of us at Mac really put our best foot forward with not only thinking up really unique concepts, but also bringing them to life with the brain power of KC’s one and only, Lindsey Mitchell.

"Typically, I consider an event successful when I witness residents come together, exchanging stories, Instagram handles and an overall welcoming demeanor while sharing the experiences we provide at Mac. Nothing makes my heart glow like seeing someone leave an event with a group of newfound friends.

I was hesitant on how to host virtual events as I was fearful that the technology aspect would take away the personal 1:1 interactions that we pride ourselves on. However, we watched how virtual events sparked larger conversations for the entire group! Now, our residents were no longer in the corner speaking to 2 new friends, they were on Zoom speaking to 50 people at once about their favorite cocktails, or about the new hobby they've taken up in quarantine, etc.

Virtual events created a different type of connection, and as we move forward in our event programming at Mac, I think we will strive to strike a balance between both virtual and in-person events so we can cater to everyone in our community and their social preferences."
Lindsey Mitchell
Events and Engagement Manager

Here Is the Best Part:

No matter the circumstances, Mac will continue to provide community entertainment for all of its residents, not only here in KCMO, but also in the other cities we operate in. St. Louis and Chicago each have their own Event Coordinators who plan and organize resident events, so when they stick their heads together, it’s truly amazing to hear about all the the ideas they create to keep our residents feeling together, no matter what life throws at us!

We would love to have you at an upcoming Mac event, click the handy dandy button below, it takes you right to the events sign-up and calendar page! We hope to see you soon. 

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