West Elevator Update


1/11/19 7:00 PM: A rep from Thysenkrupp personally delivered the part to the technician to complete the elevator repair. 1/12/19 9:00 AM: A report was made that the Elevator is not working with the same error. We notified ThyssenKrupp and they responded at 12:09pm saying that they are placing the service call to the technician who is working on an elevator in Independence and will head over as soon as he is finished. – Tori

1/11/19 4:00 PM: We finally have a straight answer from a manager at ThyssenKrupp. They have the part needed and we are 2nd on the repair list as of now. Pending any changes with them, they said they will be here tonight to fix the Elevator. No time frame yet, so apologize that you may need to take the stairs again after work. Still getting approvals for the “I’m sorry” gift for residents – we will update you with that after the elevator is fixed. – Ryan

1/11/19 2:48 PM: I reached out to the Supervisor of our Thysenkrupp rep and the emergency maintenance line and have received no response. I am putting together an email and phone call that we need a response by 4pm today or all of their maintenance contracts on our elevators will be considered for termnation. Also, reaching out to see if any other vendors have the part needed today. – Tori

1/11/19 12:50 PM: I reached out to Thyssenkrupp manager to let them know that this was unacceptable in a 9 Story building and they need to fix it today. Resetting the elevator is no longer working. Waiting for the response – Tori, Regional Manager

1/11/19 12:45 PM: Maintenance Manager, Blaine, informed us that Thyssenkrupp(elevator repair company) has not fixed the issue yet. Thyssendkrupp said that the part has not arrived and may not be here until Monday – Tori, Regional Manager

1/10/19 5:21 PM: We are working on approvals for compensations for the continued burden of the Elevator being down for a reported 8 days as of recent. – Ryan

1/10/19 5:10pm: Larry from Maintenance says that Elevator Vendor has the part needed to for a final fix. We are confirming first before announcing timeframe – Ryan

1/10/19 5:00: Report that the Elevator Reset is not working and it is down again – Ryan

1/10/19 4:00pm: Elevator Reset by Larry in Maintenance – Ryan

1/10/19 Morning: Reports of Elevator Down – Meg

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