Thoughts Of An Intern: Pool Days Done Right

Last Saturday (the 29th) saw a collaboration between Mac and thirty or so residents as we tried to close the summer out right. Despite clouds flexing so hard that you could swear you smelled the rain in the air, we held fast and were rewarded with a good time. Thanks to some great jams and some amazing Sweet Tea moonshine (courtesy of American Born Moonshine and one of our residents, Justin) we were able to keep things going and wait it out until the sun started appeared. Thanks to everyone who could make it, you were a blast to hang out with and we can’t wait to do this again!


Our Mac Residents finish off the summer with one last pool day.


Poolside: A Saturday staple

Things that weren't mentioned in your lease: friends and Jenga




Keeping the tower from falling is the easy part, following the instructions on the blocks, not so much…


She made it!



Heating up…



“Beer Pong is tearing this friendship apart”







Thanks to our two newest staffers, Lisa and Rick for their help in making this event happen.

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