The Top Interior Designers in St. Louis

Whether you live in an eight-bedroom home or an eight hundred square foot apartment, your space is a reflection of you. It is your personal space to relax and unwind, but it is equally an open display of your imagination, passion, and resourcefulness. Your space, whether it be large or small, private or shared, a mega mansion or studio apartment, should be a source of harmony and inspiration. When taking on the task of designing your home, the help of a professional can make all the difference.

St. Louis is home to many talented interior designers that can help you bring your creativity and passions to life. A good interior designer can bring life and color to an otherwise dull space, rearrange furniture to expand functionality, and most importantly create a cohesive masterpiece in line with your vision.

Glamorous loft created by S&K Interiors and Home Staging

S&K Interiors and Home Staging, located in the heart of the Central West End of St. Louis, is an innovative interior design firm with over fifteen years of experience designing residential spaces. They strive to create modern and contemporary spaces at cost effective prices while maintaining the functionality of your residence.

Beautiful Modern Kitchen by Cure Design Group


Cure Design Group is an award winning and nationally recognized interior design company in St. Louis, Missouri. They pride themselves on their ability to listen to the client. They take their clients vision and bring it to life in order to ensure that they are always creating a space that compliments the client. At the end of the day, most clients want just that- a place that looks and feels like home.

So, whether you need to start to design the inside of your new home from scratch, rearrange existing pieces to create more functional living space, or simply want to show your home a little love, hiring an interior designer is an excellent start. St. Louis has plenty of professional and talented interior decorators that are up to task.

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