Once you start riding a bike, you never forget it

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Glen Hamer is a long time employee who has served as a Make Ready Technician and a Service Technician for over 14 years between the Montclair and Parc Frontenac properties. As of this Friday, he will be moving on to Southwest Airlines to start a new career as a Ramp Agent. We want to congratulate Glen on his new career path and thank him for his years of service! We had a few moments in between his very busy schedule to talk about his years of service and how he will remember his time here.

“Glen was always willing to lend a helping hand. He got along well with the residents and no matter what, he had a smile on his face. We will miss his hard work ethic, but wish him the best of luck on his next career endeavor.” – Ken Huffman, Director of Maintenance

How long did you work at Parc Frontenac and Montclair?

I served between each building for nearly 14 years.


What was your favorite part about the job?

The people. Both my co-workers and the residents. That is what I will miss most when I leave. I was fortunate enough to have good supervisors who took the time to teach me new things. When I first started, I didn’t know much about the job, and now I know so much because of their guidance. I want to thank Ken Huffman for all of his help.

How did this position prepare you for your next opportunity?

I learned the value of hard work. When you work hard, it pays off and people appreciate you. I will continue to take that same approach to my next job. I think overall, my experience made me a better person as well.

What would you say to new Mac Employees?

Once you start riding a bike, you never forget it.

How would residents describe you?

Helpful. I often went above and beyond the call of duty because I wanted our residents to have a good experience. From time to time, I would help people move off the clock because I knew it would make their life easier.

Please help us congratulate Glenn on his new opportunity and thank him for his years of dedicated service. You will be missed!

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