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Mac Properties cares about what makes the KC community great, which includes businesses, universities, and the people who keep us safe and sound. As such, we have a Preferred Employer Program, which offers many rewarding benefits: among others, no application fees, and a $200 credit towards a month of rent. The following is a list of businesses and services that qualify for apartment discounts. If you know someone associated with one of these associations, let them know how easy it is to save with Mac.

Here's how it works!

The application fees are waived, and a $200 discount is applied to your 2nd month of rent for terms longer than 10 months.

Waiver of Fees and deposits contingent upon occupancy, and are conditional and subject to repayment if the lease is breached. Please review Definitions of Use.

      • Those fees subject to the waiver (Guarantor Fees will not be waived).
      • It only applies to 10-month leases or greater.
      • If a resident of the Exclusive Benefits Program defaults on his/her lease, all Exclusive Benefits are automatically void, and all credited fees as a result of this program will be terminated forthwith.
      • Applications that are accepted with conditions are not considered eligible for this promotion.
      • Can not have a previous lease agreement with us to qualify.
      • Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Mac Properties owns and manages over 30 properties with 2000 residents in Midtown KC on about a 1 mile stretch of road. We have price ranges and amenity packages to fit any lifestyle and promote our community through resident events and fun online contests. We would love for you to be a part of the neighborhood. Submit the form above or visit our website:

The Mac Experience

With over 2,000 residents in Kansas City alone, Mac offers its residents a truly unique experience. The values we place on our fellow humans extends from our well cared for residents, and on up to the employees of Mac who work hard to ensure your stay at Mac is top notch. We edevor to maintain the personal touch, which so easily can be lost in a large apartment living. We do this through our constant resident engagement through fun events and our high quality resident services team. From the first connection with Mac employees, to the last, we will strive to always keep you feeling like YOU matter, because your happiness is our number one goal!

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