Parc Frontenac Soundoff at Sunset

~ Namaste ~

A watercolor sunset. A gentle breeze. Soft music and a seemingly one-on-one yoga session. This is just a glimpse of what Mac residents and members of Wellbridge experienced at our Sunset Rooftop Yoga event in late June. Mac residents were offered a free week membership at Wellbridge and entered in a raffle as well. St. Louisans of all ages showed up to our Parc Frontenac roof, yoga mat in hand, ready to unwind and take in the views that Forest Park so graciously offers. But this was no ordinary yoga session. Because of the Soundoff headphones, each yogi experienced the instructor talking to them personally, without having to strain to hear what movement was next. This created an even more relaxed atmosphere, with many closing their eyes to focus on their breathing and technique. Calming music also played in the background, enticing everyone to let go of what they were worried about before the event and truly live in the moment. 

We appreciate our partnership with Wellbridge Clayton and we can’t wait to host again with them in the future. A special thanks goes out to Nikki for being such a wonderful instructor and Brian for helping set up! Don’t want to miss the next yoga session? Then be sure to follow us for event updates on Instagram @stlmacproperties and while you’re at it, check out @wellbridge_clayton too!

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