Mac Maker Fest 2018

Mac Maker Fest 2018


Saturday, June 9th marked our first Mac Maker Fest, a community event with live music, food trucks, local vendors and an open bar. Below is a list of vendors that participated, as well as a few photos from our event photographer, Kennedy Cinematography. A big thank you to everyone who attended as a guest, and to all of the people and local vendors that made it happen.
Send an email to Lindsey at if you would like to be a part of our 2019 Maker Fest.


Local Makers: 
Black Lab Studio
Hound and Hatchet
Lost and Found Design
Untamed Supply
CityScape Design
Rocke’s Lingerie and Vintage Wears
Travis Stewart Design and Lettering
CafeOle #bykhromagnon
Burly Grain Furniture and Design
Stylish Aim
Urban Smirk
Little Furey



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