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Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa – Brad

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

Located in the historical Uptown Theater Building, Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa offers the perfect environment for relaxing after a long day, and we can attest to that from personally using their service. Just like Jeunesse Medi Spa, Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa provides a calming, ambient atmosphere and their employees are incredibly friendly. They also appreciate their customers and offer great rewards to those who keep coming back. Brad left his job in construction to follow his passion. If you want to end up like Brad, then you might want to familiarise yourself with something like Evosus spa software to find ways in which you can turn this dream into a reality. See his full interview and the discounts they are offering exclusively to residents of Mac Properties.

What is your name, business name, and connection/position with the business?

“Brad Green, Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa and I am the owner as well as a Massage Therapist.”


Where are you from? If not from this area, how did you end up here?

“Denver. I moved here with my family while I was in high school. Kansas City quickly became my chosen home. I love the vibe of Kansas City and it is exciting to watch how rapidly it is growing. This is my permanent home.”

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

How long have you been in the business?

“Just over three years now. I started by renting a room in a wellness center and worked on my own. Within a year, I moved my office to the Uptown Theater Building and hired a second Massage Therapist. Less than a year ago, we expanded further by adding three more rooms. We now have three Massage Therapists (including myself), two Aestheticians and a room devoted to an Infrared Sauna.”


Why did you decide to go into Massage Therapy?

“I worked in construction for many years prior to going to school for Massage Therapy. Though it paid the bills, it was not fulfilling. Massage Therapy allowed me the opportunity to help people. I enjoy the daily interaction I have in this environment. People come in excited for their appointment and leave feeling great. This the same across the globes. Masseurs are certainly of the mindset that our job first and foremost is to help people. There are so many great places to get a massage across the globe nowadays. One of my favorites was in the UK. I would definitely encourage folks in the area to Learn More About So Heavenly Massage.”

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

Why did you choose The Uptown Theater Location?

“I love Midtown Kansas City. It has so much charm and character. Space at the Uptown Theater Building came to my attention and it had great potential. It is a beautiful building and it has been fun creating a Spa out of plain, empty offices. I am excited about the changes and growth happening in Midtown and am happy to be a part of it.”


What are your goals for 2016 and beyond?

“My largest goal at the moment is for Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa to be better known. I think we are still a hidden gem, and though it is changing, I want us to be well known in the community. I feel we offer a unique spa experience and I enjoy the positive feedback we receive from our clients when they find us and experience our services. I want to keep expanding to provide excellent spa services to Kansas City. I really want to eventually have a second location.”

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

Who are your primary clientele?

“Our primary clientele is everyone! We have younger, older, males and females. We have purposely tried to keep our prices affordable so our services are attainable to many people.”


What do you want people to know about you and your Green Leaf Massage Therapy?

“We are locally owned and nothing like the national chains. There is a big difference. Our Massage Therapists and Aestheticians are highly trained and provide a superior service in comparison. We want the experience of coming to us to be unique. We want every client to feel important and we feel that all of the details we have put into the environment and the services achieve this.”

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

Tell us one interesting story about your business. Can be anything that comes to mind. Struggles in starting up, funny story, interesting customer, etc.

“We are on the third floor of the Uptown Theater Building and getting to us requires a trip down a long, winding hallway. We have direction signs posted throughout, but sometimes people still find it a little challenging to get to us. We have decorated the hallway with trees on the walls, which is part of our theme, to help with the transition of getting to us. One day, we had a woman arrive who had gotten turned around. She was very nice and joked about having gotten lost in the forest. We loved it!”


What are your hours of operation?

“We are open Monday through Saturday. We open at 10:00 am and accept evening appointments as late as 6:30 pm Tuesday through Friday. We close at 6:00 PM on Monday and Saturday.”

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

Where can people find you online or otherwise learn more about your business? Is there any discount you can offer residents who read this post?

The best way to learn more about our business is to schedule an appointment to come see us!

Mac Resident September Special:


  • Just $75 / value $105
    (add a 30-minute Infrared Sauna Therapy session for $10 / 50% off)


  • Just $65 / value $85
  • Experience younger, healthier looking skin with state of the art LED Light Therapy! Skin appears naturally smoother, tighter and more radiant with each treatment. Includes a 30 minute facial and 30 minute LED Light Therapy Session.

Limit 1 massage and 1 facial per person. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Just say you are with Mac and specify the building you live in.

We also offer a 20% discount for new clients. We have a Loyalty Program that offers $10 off your next massage if you schedule at least once a month and $15 off your next massage if you come in twice a month.

We are also thrilled to offer different exclusive discounts to Mac Property residents every other month. They will keep you informed! ”

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa

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