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  1. Click on the Midtown Kansas City apartment building virtual tour that you want to view below.
  2. That will shoot you down the list of tours in that building.
  3. Click the links to view the tours.
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Virtual Tours



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3408 Gillham

The Richelieu

Armour Park

Victorian House

Paradise Flats

Raleigh Arms

721 E. Amour Blvd


Fitness Center, Laundry, Storage, Bike Room

One Bedroom Model Unit 202

Two Bedroom Unit 206

Two Bedroom Unit 214
Two Bedroom Unit 905

Two Bedroom Unit 914

Rooftop Lounge



Lobby, Fitness Center, Lounge, Movie Theater, Business Center, Coffee Bar
Pool & Parking
Studio Unit 320
One Bed Unit 311
One Bedroom Unit 719

Studio Unit 803

One Bedroom Unit 810

One Bedroom Unit 413


Unit 107

Studio Unit 208


Fitness Center & Laundry
Two Bedroom Unit 301

One Bedroom Unit 705

Two Bedroom Unit 104

Two Bedroom Unit 101



Clyde Manor
Fitness Center & Laundry
Pool & Parking
One Bedroom Unit 308

One Bedroom Unit 812

One Bedroom Unit 908

One Bedroom Unit 311


Del Monte
One Bedroom Unit 19
Studio Unit 22


Gillham House
One Bedroom Unit 105 and Studio Unit 108


Fitness Center/Lower Level Lobby/Coffee Shop
Upper Level Lobby/Lounge/Office
Units: 607, 614, 613, 612, 609, 611


Interstate Flats
Indoor/Outdoor Lounge
Fitness Center
One Bedroom Unit 001
Studio Unit 210
One Bedroom Unit 216



One Bedroom Unit 709


One Bedroom Unit 316


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