International – Grand Opening Recap


Walking up the front steps, through the crystal clear glass doors into the lobby, you could feel the buzz of excitement in the air as a myriad of guests began to arrive, somewhere around 300 to be exact. Glass doors can really make a business look more luxurious and much more modern. Perhaps they got them from somewhere like Wherever they got them from, they looked so elegant and inviting.

For the first time since the renovation began, the doors of International were open to the public and guests were given the opportunity to witness for themselves the amazing transformation of the historic property. The main floor was host to an assortment of both international food and beverages, music by DJ Sheppa and Brandon Draper, as well as a variety of local pop-up shops showcasing their talents – including International’s very own, Mother Earth Coffee. Once guests were checked in, they were given the opportunity to join a leasing agent for a tour of the sixth floor units, which included two model units, beautifully designed by West Elm and +modern design. Through the combination of design, dedication, and enjoyment, the Grand Opening of International was nothing short of impressive.Whether it be the dazzling light fixtures hanging throughout the lobbies, the floor-to-ceiling windows that offer jaw-dropping views of the city, or simply the modern feel of the building, International will be sure to catch your attention.

International-Grand Opening Party-30
Admiring the building one floor at a time.
International-Grand Opening Party-24
The lobby was buzzing with energy as guests began to arrive and see International’s interior for the first time.
International-Grand Opening Party-25 (1)
This space served as the pop-up shop area where guests could peruse the wide variety of talent and design that local KC artists have to offer.
International-Grand Opening Party-34
The history of International as well as current floor plans, features, and amenities that the building has to offer were on display.

Much thought and many months went into the planning and execution of the International Grand Opening Celebration in order to make it the memorable evening that it was. From the tireless work of our maintenance team to ensure that the little details were smooth, to the design team and their creativity, the night would not have been possible without our amazing staff. To all of those who attended – we thank you for being part of such an exciting time at Mac Properties. For those yet to see International – we invite you to set up a tour with one of our leasing agents so you can see for yourself this extraordinary transformation on historic Amour Blvd.

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