Humans of Mac – KC – Shea C.

Our resident Shea discusses living in Midtown as well as some lesser-known, unique shops.
Shea in the Windemere Lobby

As part of our community, we like to highlight our amazing and interesting residents. Everyone has a story and it incredible to hear the accomplishments and daily lives of people who come through our community. We hope that you enjoy reading.

How long have you been a resident at Mac?

“I have been a resident at MAC for about 3 months.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I have been teaching myself to play the banjo, I also do a ton of antique collecting. I spend hours rummaging through flea markets and antique shops looking for medical antiques and jarred animals.”

What do you enjoy most about living at Mac?

“I really enjoy how well maintained the property is. I have rented from some pretty slummy people in the past who only cared about the rent money and not about the property they owned. It is refreshing to see a company that takes pride in their properties as well as their tenants.”

Describe yourself in 3 words.

“Odd, weird, and masculine ;)”

What’s your biggest strength?

“I think my biggest strength is helping people. I feel like I am a very good listener and even though I don’t have all the answers for people, I think that everyone needs someone they can talk to and get outside advice from.”

What’s your biggest weakness?

“I think my biggest weakness would have to be Chick Flicks, you’d be surprised by the amount of times I have seen the Notebook, and I have no shame. On a more personal level though, I tend to speak before I think, that can get you into trouble.”

Tell me about one of your favorite memories in Kansas City.

“Most of my favorite memories were my earlier ones, coming to Kansas City to see local punk shows in a some dark beer filled basement. I met a ton of really cool people and was able to listen to a bunch of awesome music I would of missed out on otherwise.”

What attracts you to KC?

“The culture is what attracted me to Kansas City. Everything from seeing an Opera at the Kauffman, to looking around the galleries in the art district.”

What are your life goals?

“My current life goal is to open my own Funeral Home. I would like to start bringing in more alternative and earth friendly ways to commemorate loved ones.”

Tell us something interesting about your job, personal life, or charity work.

“I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I work Front Desk at a Marriott on the Plaza, the best part about this job is meeting people from all over the world. The Marriott I work at is also very involved with the community and spends a good amount of time working with local charities.”

Where do you like to go in KC?

“Noir. It is an awesome little shop on 39th street that sells all sorts of amazing things. Everything from a real human skeleton to all sorts of jarred specimens and medical antiques. Shops like these are what make our city unique and we need to remember to shop local as much as we can.”

What would you say to someone looking to live in Midtown Kansas City?

“It is full of really nice people, the neighborhoods are all well-kept and great for your morning (or late night) jogs. Hyde Park has a great history and an even better community, it is a place I feel safe being in and look forward to seeing more developments. “


Thanks for being a great resident Shea.



Humans of Mac – KC – Shea C.

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