Humans of Mac-KC-Matt M.

Matt in his Kansas City Apartment
Matt hanging with his dog in his Kansas City Apartment

Matt and his adorable dog, Josie, hanging out and enjoying a relaxing day off from work in their Bellerive apartment 


For this week’s installment of our “Humans of Mac” series, I talked with our resident, Matt, who lives in the Bellerive Apartment. Matt, a store manager for Game Stop, lives  with his roommate and his uber-hyper dog, Josie. Check out his hilarious interview and make sure to say “hi” if you see him out walking Josie.

How long have you been a resident at Mac?

“My roommate and I have been in the Bellerive building since March!” 

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I’ve recently really started to enjoy running! Give me some Taylor Swift in my headphones and I can run for days…”

What do you enjoy most about living at Mac?

“I guess the thing I enjoy the most about living with Mac is rubbing shoulders with so many caring, driven and sincere people my age who are trying everything within their power to make a lasting impression on this city. Seriously, it rules.”

Describe yourself in 3 words.

“Isn’t this a first date question? Am I at least promised dinner? Hard-working, Alpha-Male, Jackhammer. (Let’s see if anyone gets that quote!)”

What’s your biggest strength?

“Hmm my biggest strength? I’ve been told I’m a decent singer! Walk past my place while I’m cleaning and you’ll swear on the future of True Detective, you live in the same building as Justin Timberlake. Or at least JC Chasez.

What’s your biggest weakness?

“I have flaws. What are they? Oh I dunno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I’ll hit somebody with my car. So sue me…no, don’t sue me. That is the opposite point I’m trying to make.”

Tell me about one of your favorite memories in Kansas City.

“Who in this city wouldn’t say the Royals making the World Series last season?! This town was ELECTRIC. It’s awesome seeing Kansas City getting the attention it deserves as one of the most dynamic, creative and passionate cities that the USA has to offer!”

What attracts you to KC?

“Well I’ve grown up here all my life, it’s my home. The crippling, bitter winters, the sweltering, sticky summers. No matter where I end up in life, I know I’ve always got the land of the free and home of the Chiefs to welcome me back!”

What are your life goals?

“I guess my next goal is to live long enough to see a resurgence of excitement and interest in our nation’s NASA program. Just imagine, what the next 5 years could look like if we all as millennials took an interest in advancing a program that our parents watched grow before their eyes.”

Tell us something interesting about your job, personal life, or charity work.

“Before I was adopted as a baby from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, I was raised in the jungle. Although much to my chagrin, I wasn’t befriended by a jungle panther or a bear. Oh! And my dog is named after a Blink-182 song!” (Editor’s note: The dog is named “Josie”)

What would you like to share with your KC Neighbors?

“KC PET PROJECT! There are three things that can just melt this guy’s heart: a pretty smile, an appetite for creativity and a stinkin’ cute pup. KC Pet Project not only has regular adoption days and/or adoption events, but also offer numerous services for those of us who have already found our better half. Yeah, yeah, cats too. Dudes, it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping for that special lady in your life!”

What would you say to someone looking to live in Midtown KC Apartments?

“Yes, they will in fact tow your car if you park on the No Parking side of the street behind the Bellerive building. No matter how convincing you sound, you know you won’t be up by 7 to move your car, that’s the whiskey talking.”


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