Humans of Mac – KC – Eric C.

Humans of Mac – KC – Eric C.

Humans-of-mac-Eric C.
Humans of Mac Eric C.

Hailing from our Del Monte building, Eric is a karaoke aficionado, enjoys checking out Kansas City’s best museums and is featured in this week’s Humans of Mac. If you would like to be featured (and get some great professional photos taken), please feel free to reach out to us.


What is your name and how long have you been a resident at Mac?

“Eric Castillo, and five days.”


What do you like to do in your free time?



Describe yourself in three words.

“Outgoing, friendly, and driven.”
Humans of Mac

What is your biggest strength? Your biggest weakness?

“Building rapport with people is my biggest strength. My weakness is procrastination.”


What do you enjoy most about your apartment or living situation?

“The location makes it easy for me to go anywhere in Kansas City.”


What do like most about Kansas City? Tell us your favorite story from KC.

“There’s so much to do. We loved going to Union Station and the World War One Museum.”

HoM Eric-4

What are your life goals?

“To be financially secure and able to travel when I retire.”


Tell us something interesting about your job, hobbies, talents, personal life, or charity work.

“I love singing. I enjoy going to a place that has karaoke. The best feeling is being on stage and interacting with the crowd.”


What would you like to promote or share to the world? This can be anything; a belief, a business, a charity, a thought – just share as many details as necessary.

“I believe in paying it forward. Every day you should try and make someone’s life better with a random act of kindness.”


What would you like to say to someone looking to live in this area or in a Mac Property.

“I would say that they should look at Mac properties because the locations are great and safe neighborhoods.”
Humans of Mac

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