Humans of Mac-KC-Doug L.

Humans of Mac KC
Our resident, Doug, taking some time out of his day to snap a photo before the weather gets unbearably cold!

Welcome to our Humans of Mac blog.  As part of our community, we like to highlight our amazing and interesting residents and get their take on living in Kansas City. For this installment, we sat down with one of our residents, Doug to learn about his hobbies, thoughts and how KC compares to certain other major cities. Reach out to us if you would be interested in being featured in a future installment!


What is your name?

“Doug L.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“Go to concerts, read, hang out with friends and watch movies.”

Describe yourself in three words.

“Authentic, funny and thoughtful.”

What is your biggest strength? How about weakness?

“Strengths: Excellent taste in TV. Weakness: Kittens (Not to eat but to play with them!)”

What do you enjoy most about our apartment or living situation?

“No roommates!!!!!”

What do you like most about Kansas City? Tell us your favorite story from KC.

“I just moved here from Los Angeles but I grew up in a small town in Kansas. I truly miss the friendliness and manners of people from Kansas City. I love it that most people in Kansas City use their turn signals to change lanes! OH…and the air isn’t yellow-ish like LA.”

What are your life goals?

“I want to lead an authentic life and be remembered as someone with integrity who did more than just look out for himself.”

Tell us something interesting about your job, hobbies, talents, personal life or charity work.

“I’m an avid concert-goer and my dream is to meet four singers; Melissa Etheridge, Adele, Kacey Musgraves and Sharon Jones (of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings).”

What would you like to promote or share to the world? This can be anything; a belief, a business, a charity, a thought-just share as many details as necessary.

“Live life one day at a time.”

What would you like to say to someone looking to live in this area or in a Mac Property?

“Management seems very responsive and maintenance requests seem to be taken care of very quickly.”

 Doug and the KC Lifestyle


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