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Meet Siddhesh. He has lived in the U.S. for three years, but says he keeps a close eye on his parents back home in India. His career as a Research Engineer at Wash U has a huge impact on human life and is the purpose behind his move to St. Louis. He chose to live at Parc Frontenac because the proximity to Forest Park was most important to him when choosing a home. We like getting to know our residents here at Mac! If you would like to participate in our Humans of Mac stories and have your apartment featured on our blog, please email


What do you like to do in your free time?
Cycling/ mountain biking, hiking outdoors, cooking, gardening, reading or getting some tech stuff done.


Describe yourself in three words.
Innovative, humorous, witty.


What is your biggest strength? Weakness?
Perseverance and patience are my biggest strengths. Overthinking and evaluation of people around may be pointed out as my weakness as it tends to distance people away from me.


What do you enjoy most about your apartment or living situation? Do you feel you have an apartment design style? If so, can you explain some details?
Space, lots of it, hardwood floors and gas stoves for optimal cooking! I am building up on my apartment, and I am designing it with indoor plants, especially ferns, palms and ivies. Ivies, if the grow perfectly are to be trained to climb my floor lamp posts, giving them more of a medieval kind of look. But it shall be taking lot of time to put in motion.


What do like most about St. Louis? Tell us your favorite story living here.
I haven’t been in St Louis for a long time, and yet have to discover a lot of places. But as a city, it has quite a rustic feel to it. I like the fact that most people here prefer to bicycle around in the streets, less cars around, and WashU and Forest park make for a good landmark.


What are your life goals?
Continue my job at WashU medical, and since it is a research based job, I am keen on getting a lot of prototypes and ideas forward, keeping the productivity elevated. At least climb one 8000m (27,000+ ft) peak in the Himalayas in the coming years, mountain biking in Nepal, Iceland and New Zealand and go swimming with the orcas off the Norwegian coast.


Tell us something interesting about your job, hobbies, talents, personal life, or charity work.
My job is based on production and research of pharmaceuticals for human imaging, especially to cancer diagnosis and post therapy. My talents are quite diverse, as I am proficient in engineering and medical based concepts, I have a knack for building things, especially designing robots, and also a little edge to teaching skills as I have also served as a grad mentor to students in my grad school. Hobbies are diverse, namely, cycling, hiking, camping, photography, cooking, gardening, scuba diving, playing violin (beginner) and mouth organ (harmonica), and many more!


What would you like to promote or share with the world?
I do not know what I can share, but all I can say is: Always nurture plants in your life, the act of caring for things that grow and provide you with oxygen, small or big, a plant every year will make you a more compassionate person. Be sure to climb mountains, atleast once every year, the exhilarating feeling of climbing to the top past hurdles will make you a wise person.


What would you like to say to someone looking to live in this area or at Mac Properties?
St Louis is a good city, it has its own shortcomings unfortunately, but still worth living. Make sure you find a place which is safer, helps you commute efficiently and makes you happy! Mac properties has excellent locations around St. Louis, and I would recommend it to anyone who is moving to St. Louis to atleast drop by and see what works out, and definitely one will be rewarded with generous hospitality by the amazing and efficient staff to get the right place for you!


Check out this video Sid made from one of his bike adventures!

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