Humans of Mac-Liv H. at Park Central

Humans of Mac-Liv

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This week for “Humans of Mac”, we have Liv, a resident of Park Central and an enthusiastic teacher who loves exploring Kansas City. She’s always very outgoing and super friendly, so if you run into her at one of our events, be sure to say hi!


What is your name and how long have you been a resident at Mac?

Liv Hunter, and a resident for 10 months.

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What do you like to do in your free time?

Go exploring in Kansas City, go shopping, bake cookies and read books.


Describe yourself in three words.

Funny, bubbly and nice.


What is your biggest strength? Weakness?

My biggest strength is that I love to know about people–what they like, what they think is fun, etc. My biggest weakness is anything with tiny animals.


What do you enjoy most about your apartment or living situation?

I love how it’s so close to lots of fun places in KC. I like being close to shopping on the Plaza, the fun restaurants in Power & Light…I could go on.


What do like most about Kansas City? Tell us your favorite story from KC.

I love how there are so many different neighborhoods to go and explore, and how everyone just becomes friends even after meeting for a second on a night out. My favorite story so far from KC is going to the World Series parade last October and walking 2 miles to get home. My feet hurt but it was well worth it!

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What are your life goals?

My life goals are to establish a long teaching career and to visit all 50 states. I’ve been to 35 so far, so I’m on my way!

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Tell us something interesting about your job, hobbies, talents, personal life, or charity work.

My “party trick” is to do impressions or funny voices; I specialize in Hermione Granger and the little Disney mice from “Cinderella”.


What would you like to promote or share to the world? This can be anything; a belief, advice, a business, a charity, a thought – just share as many details as necessary.

Don’t ever be ashamed for liking or being a part of something. Cheesy, I know, but everybody likes different things, and nobody should be ashamed of what they enjoy.


What would you like to say to someone looking to live in this area or in a Mac Property.

Absolutely go for it! If you like an environment that is chill but close to many of the fun parts of Kansas City, this is the place for you.

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