Humans of Mac – Chicago – Veronica E.

Humans of Mac – Veronica – at 5222 South Drexel

Veronica holding down the fort!

Meet Veronica – an all-around Supermom and one of our incredible, inspiring Hyde Park residents at 5222 South Drexel. A selfless individual, Veronica maintains a caring and communal family environment while still taking the time to help out her neighbors in the building. Not only does she work hard and take great care of her son and daughter, she recently completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Human Service. She also has plans to begin a Masters program this fall in Public Administration.

But, Veronica definitely knows how to cut loose and make a little time for herself. She’s got her own corner of the apartment for kicking back with some old-school music and treating her inner wine enthusiast. We encourage everyone to grab a bottle of sweet red (her favorite) and raise a glass to Veronica!


What is your full name and how long have you been a resident at Mac?

“Veronica, and I have been a Mac resident for 2 years.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I enjoy taking walks with my children, watching movies, and reading. I try to include my children in everything I do such as trips and date nights. Of course, I still make time for myself. To me, a happy family means a happy life!

Describe yourself in three words.

“Respectable, caring, honest.”

Tell us something interesting about your job, hobbies, talents, personal life, or charity work.

“I am a family person who enjoys doing family stuff. My two children are my number one priority so I try to make good memories for them. Whenever the weather is nice I take my youngest out into the courtyard to drive around in her toy Audi. And as for my son, I sometimes go to the park to watch him play basketball. He is a big boy and sometimes doesn’t want to be under me. It’s understandable! He is a growing boy. But yes, I try to make good memories for my children. I love them! It’s just us against the word!”



What is your biggest strength? Weakness?

“My biggest strength would be communication and my weakness is caring too much.”

What do you enjoy most about your apartment or living situation?

“The apartment is just the right size for me and my family.”

What do like most about Hyde Park, Chicago?

“This community makes me feel safe. I am able to allow my son outside with worrying too much about what would happen to him. The area is clean. Lastly, I love the fact that there are two kinds of police patrolling.” [One department through the City of Chicago, and the other through the University of Chicago.]

What are your life goals?

“I want to be the best I can for my children. Going back to school was the best decision for me. You know that part on applications where they ask for parents’ information? For the section thats asks the ‘highest level of education completed by mother or father,’ I want my children to be happy to put that their mother, outside of raising them, completed more than just high school. Earning a college degree has been one of my goals since having my son back in 2004 and I can say that I am proud. Also, I plan on getting a house soon, hopefully in Hyde Park!”




What would you like to promote or share to the world?

“Firstly, this quote by John Wooden: ‘There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer.’ 

“Also, since I am big on family, I would like to share this: Children are our future. What we as parents teach them at a young age will help determine how they may turn out in their future.”

What would you like to say to someone looking to live in this area or at Mac Properties?

“Moving to Hyde Park would be one of the best moves to make.”





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