Fire Safety Tips For Your Apartment

Above all else, the safety of our residents comes first. The safety tips we have documnented will be applicable even if you are living elsewhere. Rest assured we strive to ensure the safety of our residents is never compromised. I’m sure JLL Residential Development Germany take a number of steps to make sure their apartments are as safe as possible too. Many of our buildings are older, and thus made with a lot of concrete. Thankfully, any apartment fires have been contained to the specific units where they began. Regardless, unit damages and smoke damages to the building could cost $50,000 or more. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when going about your day – so as to avoid a fire, or any other damages to your home. Small apartments that aren’t kept tidy are more prone to keep a fire burning, so make sure to keep your living space as clean as you can too, look here if you need tips for living in a small apartment.

Smokey the Bear is all about protecting your apartment from fires.
Do you remember Smokey, the apartment fire prevention bear?
  • Do not to set any boxes on your stove, as they could bump the knob and turning it on.
  • Be cautious of any lit candles or similar objects, and always triple check to make sure everything is blown out before leaving your apartment.
  • Please make sure cigarettes are completely put out and not being set on any furniture or thrown down trash chutes. Beds are very flammable.
  • Check electrical cords for appliances. Cords that are frayed or cracked are potential fire hazards. Unplug the cord immediately and put a maintenance request in.
  • Do not run cords underneath rugs or between rooms – this is a major cause of home fires.
  • Never place portable space heaters near flammable materials, such as drapery.
  • Renter’s Insurance: This will be the ultimate protection, as it provides financial security against any damages fire may cause to your apartment or others. We do require that all of our residents have renter’s insurance if they decide to renew their lease. To do this, you can either go through a company of your choosing, or you can contact the leasing office for our recommendations.
Scary right? Thankfully, with a bit of awareness, a catastrophe like this is easy to avoid.

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