Employees of Mac – Mayra G. – Chicago

We had an opportunity to get Mayra’s photos as well as get a few of our questions answered regarding her personal and professional life. Thank you for giving us a look into your day-to-day Mayra! Keep doing your thing!

What is your home town?

Chicago, Illinois.

What is your position at Mac and how long have you been an employee?

I am the team lead for our contact center; I have been at Mac for 2 years so far.

Name two things you consider yourself to be good at and why?

I believe I have great customer service skills and am great at taking charge of the situation at hand, whatever the issue is, I will work my hardest to come to a resolution.

What is your favorite Mac building and why?

5100 S Ellis has to be my favorite building, it has beautiful triple sash windows that allow a plethora of natural sunlight to shine through, and gorgeous globe pendant lights in the kitchen. In addition to loving the stainless steel appliances and in-unit washer/dryer, another one of my favorite things about this building is the white quartz kitchen countertops. And there is a nice roof top deck, great for grilling!

Tell us something about yourself that someone may not know.

I absolutely love live music, I go to as many shows/musicals and open mics as I can and am currently teaching myself to play the keyboard and guitar.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

I hope to someday own a house big enough that will allow me the opportunity to foster kids/teens and animals.

How would describe your day to day activities? Favorite job function?

My day to day activities consist of helping current residents with any issues they may have, assisting resident services and the maintenance team to ensure everything is handled thoroughly & in a timely manner by relaying vital information to them from our residents, whenever they are not available. I also help with any over flow leasing calls for Chicago and St. Louis for our prospective residents. The last thing I do is make sure the contact center is running smoothly, I help train our incoming agents and make sure they have all the information and tools they need in order to succeed in their role. I would say my favorite job function is working directly with the residents and our prospective residents via the phone and email. It is very rewarding whenever I can make a resident happy by helping make sure their apartment home is perfect.

What would you like to promote or let residents/coworkers know? Or favorite memory at Mac? Share as many details as possible! Non- religious and non-political comments are preferred.

I have a few favorite memories working at Mac, I love being able to work with a team that will do whatever it takes to make sure our residents are taken care of, including the pets of Mac. We once had a resident who went on vacation out of the country and forgot to leave a key for their pet sitter. The pet sitter called us, frantic because the pet had already been alone for a couple of days in the apartment and needed to be fed and watered. The resident did not have access to a phone and could only communicate remotely via email. This happened on a Sunday when resident success is closed. The contact center worked diligently trying to get a hold of management, the resident and maintenance in order for us to assist the pet sitter and make sure our pet resident was taken care of. Management and resident services worked together on their day off with the contact center until we were able to resolve this.

We have a few residents that contact us frequently, there were two separate instances where the residents that contact us frequently went a while without either calling or stopping by our front desk to say hello, this did not sit well with a contact center agent and one of our front desk agents at the Windermere and they took it upon themselves to alert resident services to call and make sure they were ok. Our residents were fine, thank goodness; one was away visiting relatives and the other was on vacation. I was really touched to see both agents care and take notice to their absence; this is definitely a great example of how employees of Mac are a team that values our residents.

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