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This week, we decided to look inward and feature one of our own for an Employees of Mac. So meet Colin; one of our newest employees, a soon-to-be resident and enthusiastic dog parent. If he’s not trying to make everyone in the office laugh, he’s probably getting ready for the busy season as a leasing agent. Read on for some truly funny responses as well as some cool insight into KC and, oddly enough, McDonald’s.


How long have you been an employee at Mac?

Literally, 5 minutes (approaching one month) 


What do you like to do in your free time?

Ice Skate, Jazzercise, all kale everything, investing as much time in reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog. No, I’m really into my friends and family, getting in as much as time as I can with them: concerts, checking out new places to eat and drink in KC, Royals games and First Fridays. What I’m really into making people laugh, comedy and stand up is definitely a passion of mine, along with my dog Troost, he is the best; no joke.     


What do you enjoy most about working at Mac?

I love working for a company who is responsible for putting life back into this neighborhood. Being away for a while and coming back to see how much Kansas City has grown is nuts! Uptown has done a complete 180, it’s the place to be.


What is your favorite Mac Apartment and why?

Oh man, that’s tough, there’s quite a few. I’m just going to say the lobby at Park Central is my favorite, like it’s straight up out of a movie.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

I’m not Beyoncé.


What’s your biggest strength?

I’m personable and approachable ¯\_()_/¯



What’s your biggest weakness?

Being on time to social events, my friends hate me. If I say “I’m on my way!” I’m lying…in bed and haven’t showered yet. 


Tell me about one of your favorite memories in Kansas City. Hands down, The World Series Parade and rally at Union Station last fall. I lived in Chicago during the 2014 World Series so I was super bummed to be missing out on all the buzz going around Kansas City during that time.  I moved back in the summer of 2015, being here for that season and attending the rally made up for missing the year before.


What attracts you to KC?

That it’s a small town with big city dreams and seeing those dreams starting to come true (I’m sorry, that was so cheesy but it’s true). The people are nice, the food is great and you get to experience all four seasons, sometimes all in one day, you can go from tube top to North Face within twenty minutes. Bums me out because I look great in a tube top, but then again, I did pay $300 and my first born son for my North Face jacket… 


Tell us something interesting about your personal life?

I’m color blind so I have no idea what color I’m actually wearing most of the time. Is that interesting or sad?


What would you like to promote or let residents know? Share as many details as possible!

If you get a McChicken from McDonald’s, sub Mac Sauce for mayo, life changing.


What would you say to someone looking to live in this area?

You’ll never be happier; Kansas City is one of the greatest cities you’ll ever find.





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