Evening of Beauty with Dior

Dior Cosmetics Demonstration with Mac Properties


This past Monday saw Mac Properties hosting a bit of a different event than the normal standard, and one that was a huge success. Dior Cosmetics, the high-end beauty supplier sent four of their most talented artists to give makeovers and share their wisdom with our residents. With them, they brought various types of cosmetic goods that could be tested by the residents. The show team was incredibly friendly, helpful and had no problem making our residents look their absolute best. A few take away’s from the Beauty Director at Dior:

“1.’Mascara Wardrobe’: Meaning using more than one mascara. I use Dior lash maximizer to help build, nourish and prime the lashes. Then use ‘Diorshow’ mascara to build volume and then last but not least, Dior ‘It Lash’ to finish for more of an extreme lash.

2. Foundation Primers: It really does hold make up on all day. I work long days and need my make up to look great all day, especially as a make-up artist. My favorite is the ‘Diorskin forever primer. It has an SPF 20 in it also, to protect my skin from harmful rays.

3. Brows, Brows, and Brows: Brows frame our face. On my days off, when I like to wear a little less make up, or none at all. I always make sure my brows are in shape and have them filled with a brow pencil or powder. My favorite go to, is the ‘Dior brow styler’ quick and easy pencil that gives the right coverage.

4. Make Up Brushes: I like to make sure I have plenty! When using different color eye-shadow. I like to make sure I do not mix different colors on my brush. So I like to have around 6 of the same eye-shadow brush so I can get the exact shade wanted instead of having multiple colors mixed on one brush and getting a dull shade!

5. Skincare: Skincare is really important. That is where good make-up will begin. Make sure you remove your make-up at night! Use a really good moisturizer and eye cream. I love to use a hydration mask at least once a week. My top pick is the ‘Dior Jelly sleeping mask’. Its easy to use and makes my skin feel hydrated and comforted!

Rebecca Coy


Thanks in part to their marketing and set-up, the Dior team transformed the already impressive Clyde Manor lobby into an engaging experience. To help maintain the atmosphere, we brought along wine, good music (courtesy of our very own Tyler) and great conversation.

A huge thanks to Nicholas and Dior Cosmetics for helping to organize this, and a big thanks to the residents who joined us, we’re looking forward to hosting more events like this in the near future.




If you have any ideas for possible events, please reach out to us here and share your thoughts!

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