History of Kansas City Mac Properties

February 19, 2016
A now peaceful home to our residents, Park Central is home to the assassination of notorious mobster, John Lazia

Midtown Mafia: John Lazia

On July 10, 1934, at 3:00 am, Kansas City mobster John Lazia arrived at his home in the Park Central Hotel after spending the night touring his nightclubs and gambling establishments. With him was his wife, Marie, and his business associate and body guard, Charles Carrollo. As Lazia was exiting from the car, assassins armed with a sub-machine gun and […]
December 11, 2015

The Newbern Apartment History and Revival

The Newbern, originally known as the Peacock Hotel, was a luxurious apartment hotel complex and an innovation for its time. Located at 525 Armour Blvd on the corner of Armour and Cherry, it was built in 1921 by Armour Building Company and designed by architects Ernest O. Brostrom and Philip T. Drotts. At the time, it was an investment of […]