Kansas City

Kansas City I Jul 28 2020

Arc on Armour

What is Arc on Armour? Arc on Armour is an apartment project located on Armour Blvd. in Kansas City. This office conversion to rental homes started in July of 2019

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Kansas City I Jun 30 2020

Knot Your Typical Event

Square knot, half knot, lark’s head knot… Our residents got tangled up in 110 feet of macrame rope, to learn how to make a beautiful hanging plant for their homes!

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Events I Jun 04 2020

When Life Gives You Lemons…

…You make virtual cocktails!There is no question that this year has been wild! When COVID-19 hit, we thought our spring and summer plans were toast…

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Kansas City I Feb 26 2020

KC Mac Resident Perks

We have partnered with some of our favorite local businesses to offer our residents discounts and deals on dining, shopping, fitness…

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Kansas City I Dec 08 2019

Join the Community Pool and Gym!

Being a Mac Resident means you have the option to join our community gym and pool! The location is middle of the neighborhood at Bellerive Apartments, which…

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Apartment Design I Oct 29 2019

2019 KC Apartment Design Contest

Wow! We want to thank each resident who took the time to upload a photo of their apartment this year, giving us a look inside their personal style and detail for design

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Kansas City I Sep 13 2019

Employees of Mac – Elizabeth H. – KC

This week’s feature employee is Lizzie. She handles a majority of the renewals within Mac and also works on resident requests and transfers. Starting as a marketing intern within Mac, Lizzie always showed a passion for the industry and continued on with our company as a full-time employee. She is an English Literature major from the […]

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KC Events I Sep 13 2019

Foreign Language Academy 8th Grade Trip – Midtown KCMO Shirt

The Foreign Language Academy is a K-8 foreign language immersion program with programs in Spanish and Mandarin.  Their 8th grade students have enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico the last three years to

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Events I Aug 27 2019

Mac Maker Fest 2019

Free Community Festival: Mac Properties has over 2,000 apartment residents on a one-mile stretch of road along Armour Blvd in Midtown Kansas City…

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Kansas City I Mar 22 2019

Mac Maker Fest 2019: Free Ticket Link Here

We noticed that a number of our residents were creating art in various forms and wanted to give them an avenue to showcase those talents…

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