People of Mac - Chi I Apr 09 2018

Employees of Mac – Valerie – Senior Resident Retention Specialist

Employees of Mac – Valerie – Senior Resident Retention Specialist What is your home town? Edwardsville, IL for half my life, Rosemount, MN for the other half, but Midwestern to the core. What is your position at Mac and how long have you been an employee? I am a Senior Resident Retention Specialist. I’ve been with […]

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Chicago I Feb 03 2018

Chicago’s Newest Apartment: Solstice On The Park

125 Years ago, the City of Chicago hosted the World’s Columbian Exposition.  Millions of visitors from around the world traveled to Hyde Park to marvel at the emerging technology of electric energy that would power and transform the coming new century.  Solstice on the Park sits on the site of the Columbian Exposition and carries on its […]

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Chicago I Dec 18 2017

2017 Hyde Park Pet Photo Contest

Thank you to all of our residents who submitted a photo of their pet this year!  While this is one of our favorite annual contests to host, it is also the most difficult for our staff and judges as choosing “the best” pet is close to impossible- some look sassy, some look playful, and some […]

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Apartment Design I Sep 08 2017

2017 Annual Resident Apartment Design Contest – Hyde Park, Chicago

2017 Annual Resident Design Contest Prizes! See submission and voting platform below. We wanted to thank each resident who took the time to upload photos of their apartment this year, giving us a look inside their personal style and detail for design. Friends, family, residents, and people from neighboring areas voted for their favorite apartments. We […]

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Chicago I May 03 2017

Refer a Friend to Mac

We offer referral rewards to residents who suggest that their friends live here. The Process: Log-in to your resident portal and click on the tab on the right side of the page titled, “Refer a Friend”. Fill out the form. That information goes directly to our customer database and to a leasing agent who will […]

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Chicago I Mar 01 2017

Chicago Pet Photo Contest 2017

Chicago Pet Photo Contest We had over 50 pet photos submitted by our residents in the pet photo contest.  For the last two weeks, we have been collecting votes from Hyde Parker’s and resident friends. The votes from the last two weeks determined the top 10, which were then voted on for official ranking. Ranking […]

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Chicago I Jan 30 2017

Employees of Mac – Anthony W. – Chicago

Anthony Weatherington – Mac Employee We had a chance to grab Anthony’s photos as well as get a few questions answered regarding his personal and professional life. Thank you for giving a look into your day-to-day Anthony, we appreciate you as a co-worker! Where is your hometown? Indianapolis, Indiana   What is your position at […]

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Chicago I Jan 09 2017

Employees of Mac – Nicole – Chicago

Nicole Goodnight – Employees of Mac This month is a feature of one of our own, Nicole Goodnight. She is a leasing agent in thy Hyde Park area and has been with us for 2 years now. She shares some info about her love for travel, her past work, and reasons why she works at […]

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Chicago I Dec 22 2016

Shoreland Then and Now – Part 2 – Lifestyle

[fvplayer src=””]   Shoreland Then and Now – Part 2 – Lifestyle     In Part 1 our history of Shoreland Apartments, we charted the property’s design transformation from the 1920s through today. It was born as a premiere apartment hotel in 1926 — the third largest in Chicago with a thousand rooms. And a thousand […]

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Chicago I Dec 19 2016

Hyde Park Restaurant Guide

Hyde Park Restaurant Guide           Ancien Cycles Bike Shop with a Café Tucked Inside This convenient location isn’t your run-of-the mill coffeehouse. Doubling as a bike shop, you can grab some avocado toast while you get some new cycling gear. Located right under the Metra line, the passionate baristas and free […]

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