Arc on Armour

Arc on Armour Before and After

What is Arc on Armour?

Arc on Armour is an apartment residence located on Armour Blvd. in Kansas City. This conversion of a classic Mid-Century office building to rental homes started in July of 2019 and will be complete in the fall of 2020. The distinct, modern units retain some unique original characteristics of the original architecture.  The apartment community is now leasing for fall of 2020.


A Meaningful Name 

The name refers both to the previous commercial occupant, American Red Cross, and the unique arched windows on the facade. Part of the renovation mindset was to honor the history of the building, evidenced both in its name as well as the interior design, where nods to classic Mid-Century motifs abound. Embedded in the neighborhood for more than half a century, now restored and with a renewed purpose, the arc of this edifice’s lifeline has been drawn.

Unique Building Design

Honoring history by saving a piece of the past, restoring and redefining it for the future is rewarding. In Arc on Armour’s case, the distinctive arches in the front were largely infilled with brick.  Arc on Armour reimagined those dramatic arches as entirely composed of glass, giving the units full-height and full-width windows.  Other original elements like the lobby’s terrazzo, the exposed concrete ceilings and the masonry planters flanking the entrance, were retained and restored to further convey the character of the original architecture. building’s character.  With only 62 Units, residents enjoy the amenities of a huge apartment development with a small community feel. Bonus: All lower level homes have patios that extend the living area.

Maximum Space for Living 

The full-height expanse of windows in every apartment living room blurs the line between interior and exterior, giving the feeling of expansion and of being connected to the outdoors.  The natural-toned light wood cabinets, open shelving, black marbleized quartz and black accents paired with light laminate wood flooring and high exposed concrete ceilings all give a sense of openness with a side of stylish, modern vibes.
Bonus: Euro Style Cabinets, Quartz Countertops, Garbage Disposals, Washer & Dryer in Each Home, LED Lighting, & Smart Locks. 

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Important Life Amenities 

Need an office away from office? The resident work lounge has all the right productivity vibes. Arc has taken the most important amenities and put them under one roof so the residents don’t need to pay for amenities elsewhere or pay for amenities they will never use. The fitness center will feature next level equipment along with an interactive Mirror Exercise system with live classes. 








Arc Amenities 

  • Lobby Lounge 
  • Secured Self-Service Luxer Smart Package Room
  • Resident Work Lounge 
  • Onsite Private Parking
  • Elevator Access on All Floors
  • 24/7 Emergency Building Maintenance 
  • Online Management Requests 
  • Trash Chutes on Every Floor 
  • Google Fiber or AT&T Fiber 
  • Storage Space Available 
  • Bike Storage Onsite 
  • Optional Access to a Pool and Large Fitness Facility 2 Blocks Away. 

Arc on Armour, located at 211 W. Armour Blvd, Kansas City, MO, is just off Broadway Street in Midtown. Situated on Armour Blvd means living amongst other apartment dwellers, the Hyde Park neighborhood of homes, and the lively commercial spaces on Broadway Blvd. and Main St.. On a short walk or bike ride down Armour Blvd Bike Lanes, residents can visit Monarch Coffee, Dear Society Clothing, Mother Earth Coffee, Ipho Tower, Hamburger Mary’s, and many other locally owned spots. Hop on the future Street Car off Main St. or take a 5-minute Uber to visit the Plaza, Westport or Crossroads. It’s truly the best of all worlds when it comes to location. 

Who can help me live here?

Mac Properties professionally manages Arc on Armour along with 1500 other diverse apartments within the 1-mile stretch of Armour Blvd. 

The leasing team will be focused on helping everyone find the perfect apartment.

The resident services team will be available any time for questions or service requests.

The maintenance crew is always near and ready to help fix things.

Mac Properties regularly partners with local businesses to provide neighborhood virtual and in-person events for the community. 


Things to Know

First Move-ins: 9/1/2020
In-person Tours: After 4pm or On Weekends
Virtual Tours: Anytime
– Studios $890+
– 1-bed $1155+
– 2 bed/1 bath $1550+
– 2 bed/2 bath $1640+
Floor Plans List: Here

MACrame Workshop:
Hanging Plants

Square knot, half knot, lark’s head knot… Our residents got tangled up in over 110 feet of macrame rope, to learn how to make a beautiful hanging plant to decorate their homes!

MACrame Workshop: Hanging Plants

Square knot, half knot, lark’s head knot… Our residents got tangled up in 110 feet of macrame rope, to learn how to make a beautiful hanging plant for their homes!

That's A Lot of Rope!

That’s what we thought too! In fact, while our marketing team was cutting seemingly endless amounts of macrame rope, we kept asking, “Are you sure this is right?” We had close to 30 residents participate in this virtual event. That means, in total, we cut over 3,300 feet of rope all together! (That’s equal to about 1 kilometer, or 2/3 of a mile!) Each kit included 8 long pieces of pre-cut rope, a short piece to tie the bottom, a wooden ring to use as a hanger, and a cute little pot to plant something special in.  

Teaching our virtual workshop via Zoom was small business owner, Darcy Barnett. She operates her online Macrame store via her Etsy shop, Knotted Youth. While she averages about 10-15 orders a week, Darcy also loves sharing her talents with others. 

The way she approached the steps for the workshop was really smart. First, she introduced the three knots we would be using for the majority of the project. Then, she slowly went through the full process, occasionally returning back the knot demos, using different colored chords for extra visual comprehension. Our residents followed along at home, while darcy answered any and all of their questions. 

A Beautiful Mess...

Sometimes, the most interesting creations in life come from need. In fact, problem solving is the heart of ingenuity. For Darcy, this was the catalyst which sparked her love for macrame. Some house plants are toxic to pets!

"My interest in macrame was born out of necessity-- My two cats, Soyah and Ulo, are serial plant chompers. In order to protect my sweet boys AND my helpless plants, I decided to make a few macrame plant hangers to keep my plants out of cat-reach. I scoured Pinterest for tutorials, and a few hours later...I had fashioned a plant hanger out of shiny, synthetic laundry line. What I didn't realize at the time was that I had not only found the combination of many of my interests...I had also found an incredibly cathartic way to combat anxiety. Macrame, at its core, is a very meditative form of art. It requires you to focus on what your hands are doing and touching RIGHT NOW...and not the millions of things flying around your mind. I think that's what enthralls me the most about Macrame: it requires you to press pause and create with your own two hands... and it doesn't need to be perfect. You get better as you go, and your work becomes more complex as you learn more techniques.

My first few plant hangers were a...beautiful mess. The knots were uneven, I was using super thin twine from the hardware store that was rough on my hands, and I only knew two or three knots. BUT!... They held plants, and I kept going; because it quickly became a way to force myself to stop running a mile a minute and to just focus on the now. Two years and many knots later: I teach classes, I have my own Etsy store (KnottedYouthStudio, an homage to my love for the band Sonic Youth), my plant collection has grown, and I have found a way to channel my nervous energy into a relaxing and functional art form on a daily basis. I encourage everyone to give it a try-- we could all use an hour or two of creating something beautiful.

P.S. My cats no longer have leaves to chomp, but they do love to support me while I work....and maybe chomp a string or two."
Darcy Barnett
Fiber Artist

Are You Swooning Yet?

Us too! While only 30 people could join us for the live virtual event due to the intimacy of the workshop, we KNOW there are plenty of others out there who would want to make their own potted plant hangers, too. No need to scour Pintrest, either! 

Typically, we record our Zoom sessions for tutorial events like these, in case any of our residents are unable to attend. Often times, this happens because our event slots fill up really quickly, and honestly, it’s just nice to have a reference to turn back to. However, this time around we ran into technical difficulties. We lost our video recording, and again we turned to Darcy for help. Out of that, we ended up with something even better: a Darcy original, YouTube-worthy macrame tutorial, edited by our graphic design intern, Jess Andreas! 

Take Aways

First off, macrame rocks! It’s not always easy, but it is super rewarding. Secondly, some house plants are not only tasty, but also toxic to our fur babies. Pictured below are Darcy’s very happy and healthy kitties, safe from all the chompable plants! And finally, when it comes to events, whether they be virtual or in person, Mac residents enjoy connecting with their neighbors and learning new skills. 

We would love for you to attend our upcoming events! Click the button below for the cure to any of your perennial boredoms.

... you make virtual cocktails!

There is no question that this year has been wild! When COVID-19 hit, we thought our spring and summer event plans were toast and frankly our marketing team was a bit downtrodden. How can we follow the rules of social distancing while still providing entertainment for our residents? make virtual cocktails!

There is no question that this year has been wild! When COVID-19 came bursting through our spring and summer plans, frankly our marketing team was a bit downtrodden. We had so many exciting event ideas for our residents, but then something amazing happened…

Our Sign-up Page Literally Exploded!

Typical events at Mac are held in our various communal locations, such as our on site theater (yeah, we have a movie theater!) or by the poolside, etc. Circumstances reminded us that, sometimes you have to just go with the flow, and the ways our residents adapted to these changes were truly inspiring! While there was no precedent for virtual events at Mac, our residents were eager to stay engaged with their neighbors, no matter the format. 

From the Start...

Our team at Mac has a goal to assist our 30-building portfolio in Kansas City feel and act as a community within a community. Our events provide a way for our residents to not only engage in fun activities, but also get to know their neighbors. We find that these connections are part of what makes living at Mac truly unique.

Behind the scenes of event preparation, you’ll typically find a dedicated team of Mac’s employees putting together all the bells and whistles for each event. For the Mac Mixology event, this meant assembling close to 90 cocktail kits with fresh ingredients.

To the Final Detail...

The amount of thought and finesse that goes into structuring Mac events is creativity at its finest. Our marketing team, and all of us at Mac really put our best foot forward with not only thinking up really unique concepts, but also bringing them to life with the brain power of KC’s one and only, Lindsey Mitchell.

"Typically, I consider an event successful when I witness residents come together, exchanging stories, Instagram handles and an overall welcoming demeanor while sharing the experiences we provide at Mac. Nothing makes my heart glow like seeing someone leave an event with a group of newfound friends.

I was hesitant on how to host virtual events as I was fearful that the technology aspect would take away the personal 1:1 interactions that we pride ourselves on. However, we watched how virtual events sparked larger conversations for the entire group! Now, our residents were no longer in the corner speaking to 2 new friends, they were on Zoom speaking to 50 people at once about their favorite cocktails, or about the new hobby they've taken up in quarantine, etc.

Virtual events created a different type of connection, and as we move forward in our event programming at Mac, I think we will strive to strike a balance between both virtual and in-person events so we can cater to everyone in our community and their social preferences."
Lindsey Mitchell
Events and Engagement Manager

Here Is the Best Part:

No matter the circumstances, Mac will continue to provide community entertainment for all of its residents, not only here in KCMO, but also in the other cities we operate in. St. Louis and Chicago each have their own Event Coordinators who plan and organize resident events, so when they stick their heads together, it’s truly amazing to hear about all the the ideas they create to keep our residents feeling together, no matter what life throws at us!

We would love to have you at an upcoming Mac event, click the handy dandy button below, it takes you right to the events sign-up and calendar page! We hope to see you soon. 


Mac Resident Perks Program


Grab your free perks keychain in the leasing office today!

We have partnered with some of our favorite local businesses to offer our residents discounts and deals on dining, shopping, fitness and beauty in the surrounding Kansas City Midtown area. To take advantage of our Mac Perks Program, just show your Mac keychain at these participating businesses, or use the promo code on their website or app. If you do not have a Mac keychain, feel free to pick one up at our leasing office. If you are interested in having your business participate in the Mac Perk Program contact Lindsey at Click through our perk categories below!










How do I redeem the discounts above from the retailers listed?

We’ve made it easy! Just show your Mac Perks Keychain at the time of purchase at a participating business and they will take care of it from there. Some businesses may require that you scan a QR code to redeem the deal. To do this, just open up your camera app if you are an iPhone user and hover over the QR code. If you are not an iPhone user, you will have to download a QR code scanner app.

Where can I get a Mac Perks Keychain?

All current Mac residents can pick up their complimentary perks keychain from our office during normal office hours.

What if I lose my keychain?

Replacement keychains are $25 and will be charged to your account if you wish to receive a replacement.

My keychain is starting to break- do I have to pay for a new one?

No, we will replace your current keychain at no cost if you bring it into the office.

Do I have to give back my Mac Perks Keychain when I move out?

Yes, just like your mail keys and access fobs, the Mac keychain will be required to be returned to us upon moveout or your account will be charged the $25 replacement fee.

I do not want a Mac Perks Keychain, how do I avoid being charged the fee when I move out?

We will place a note on the resident’s account when they pick up a keychain. If you never pick up a keychain, you will not be charged the fee for a replacement keychain when you move out.

What if I have an issue with a retailer not accepting my Mac Perks Keychain?

Email Lindsey at detailing the issue as well as a photo of your receipts.

I have a suggestion for a local business I would like to see in the program- who do I tell?

Send your ideas for Lindsey at–we are always open to new business partners!

Artist & Craftsman = 10% off purchase

Arrow Fabricare= $10 off Fluff and Fold Laundry Service Membership Fee. $1.89 per lb

Awesome Moving Co = 10% off moving services

Bar K Dog Bar = 15% off annual membership

Beer Paws = 15% off online purchases with code MACRES

Billie’s Grocery = 10% off total purchase

Brickhouse = 15% off resident’s tab

Bungii = $10 off first Bungii with mace MAC10

Bunker = 10% off purchase, offer valid on full price items only, not to be combined with any other discount

Camp Bow Wow = 10% off all services, 5% off all products, first day of camp free

City Barrel Brewing Co = 10% off retail 4-packs and to-go bottled beer

Clothz Minded = 15% off purchase

Dance Fit Flow = 15% off memberships, 10% off drop-in classes

DapperKC Dry Cleaning = 25% off first delivery dry cleaning order with code “Dapper25”, 10% off following orders with code “mac”

Do Good Co. = 10% off purchase

Donutology = $3 off 15 pack of mini doughnuts

E Sports= 20% off resident’s tab $20 or greater

Filling Station = 15% off purchase

Gray Spaces = 10% off your 6+ hours booking of professional organization services

Green Leaf Massage + Day Spa = free infrared sauna session with any massage or facial

HAIR Salon KC = $30 blowouts, 10% off all products and tools, free beard cleanup with men’s haircut, 20% off cut with color service

Howard’s = Free cookie with purchase

Kansas City B-Cycle= $10 off annual membership with code MACproperty

KC Kitchen and Pizzeria = Free appetizer with purchase of any two meals OR large pizza

KC Wine Works = 10% off all wine and cider bottles

Mirror Mirror Salon = 15% off all services

MOJO = 20% off all rides

Mother Earth Coffee = 15% off any purchase

Moti Mahal = $1 off lunch buffet, 10% off dinner bill

Pawn and Pint= Free admission every Wednesday with purchase of beverage $4 or greater

Rada Luxury Mobile Spray Tans = $30 single session spray tan, $60/ month Unlimited Membership

The Jacobson = 20% off bill

The Improv Shop = Buy a ticket to 8pm show, get free admission to the 10pm show

Teocali = 15% off bill

The Port KC = 20% off memberships

Westport Floral = 20% off your purchase, phone or walk-in orders only

Zocalo = Free appetizer with purchase of two entrees

The Mac Perks Keychain must be presented at the time of purchase. Perks cannot be applied after the purchase/ transaction is complete. To qualify for Perks, purchases must be made by the keychain holder. Keychain sharing is not permitted, your keychain limits you to one deal per keychain per day. Misused keychains will be confiscated. The Mac Perks keychain is non-transferable. Participating locations only, some offers may vary. Some restrictions apply. Check details above for the most up to date Perks information. When the tenant’s lease expires, the Mac Perks card is to be returned along with the keys or a $25 replacement fee is applied to their account. Keychains may be voided at the discretion of Mac Properties. Confiscated keychains may be terminated without notice.

Being a Mac Resident means you have the option to join our community gym and pool! The location is middle of the neighborhood at Bellerive Apartments, which gives you convenient access to these spaces where you can meet your neighbors, get to the gym, and get a swim.

Let us know you are interested in joining below to receive more details. Call 816-931-2108 to reserve a membership now.

The Gymnasium & The Pump Room

All the fitness necessities in your neighborhood

Free Class Schedule Included

Healthy vending machines, showers, water fountains changing rooms, & 24/7 Access! (Reduced hours due to COVID-19), & security cameras.

(COVID-19 Impacted - Temporarily Cancelled)

This is a high-intensity total body workout focused on building strength. 

This is a peridoic, interval based, cardio strength class.

This is a high-intensity total body workout focused on building strength. 

Carriage House Pool & Lounge

Relax or jump in at our exclusive community pool for Mac Residents only. 

Enjoy gas grilling, interior lounge, restrooms, lockers, a place to play, lounge seating, & good times!

Hours: 10 am-8 pm (sunbathing hours are usually from 11-4 due to the position of the sun)

Details & Sign Up

If you don’t already have access to the Carriage House Pool(located between Park Central and Bellerive) or The Gymnasium(located at Bellerive), the cost of the membership is a $20/month/resident. The membership cost will be added to your resident portal and you can cancel at anytime with no additional fees. For Clyde Manor, International, Park Central, and Yankee Hill, you receive a discounted Gymnasium membership of $10/month as the Carriage House Pool is already included in your rent as an amenity. Living at the Bellerive building means you get free access to The Gymnasium and you already have the pool access at no additional cost! Cancel your other current pool and gym memberships, meet some Mac residents, get to the gym, and join in the swim! Let us know you want to join by calling during office hours at 816-931-2108 or filling out the form below and we will follow up with you.



Most of our residents can walk, run, bike, or scooter to this location since it is no more than 1/2 a mile from our furthest building. But, for those traveling the furthest, we have set up some guest parking nearby. Please contact us below for more details.

Thanks for checking out the self-proclaimed best apartment gym and best apartment pool in KC!

~ Namaste ~

A watercolor sunset. A gentle breeze. Soft music and a seemingly one-on-one yoga session. This is just a glimpse of what Mac residents and members of Wellbridge experienced at our Sunset Rooftop Yoga event in late June. Mac residents were offered a free week membership at Wellbridge and entered in a raffle as well. St. Louisans of all ages showed up to our Parc Frontenac roof, yoga mat in hand, ready to unwind and take in the views that Forest Park so graciously offers. But this was no ordinary yoga session. Because of the Soundoff headphones, each yogi experienced the instructor talking to them personally, without having to strain to hear what movement was next. This created an even more relaxed atmosphere, with many closing their eyes to focus on their breathing and technique. Calming music also played in the background, enticing everyone to let go of what they were worried about before the event and truly live in the moment. 

We appreciate our partnership with Wellbridge Clayton and we can’t wait to host again with them in the future. A special thanks goes out to Nikki for being such a wonderful instructor and Brian for helping set up! Don’t want to miss the next yoga session? Then be sure to follow us for event updates on Instagram @stlmacproperties and while you’re at it, check out @wellbridge_clayton too!

6th Annual STL Resident Apartment Design Contest 

Wow! We want to thank each resident who took the time to upload a photo of their apartment this year, giving us a look inside their personal style and detail for design. The competition gets better and better each year! 

Friends, family, residents and people from neighboring areas voted for their favorite apartments on social media. We then took the top 10 apartments with the most votes and submitted them to a hand-selected panel of judges (Mac designers and architects, and a few local STL designers). See our top 10 below.  A sincere thank you to all who participated and voted- we are already looking forward to next year!


1st Place: Sara M- Montclair

$400 Wellbridge Fitness & Spa Fitness Package
$50 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place: Linh- Montclair

Jimmy Johns Catered Apartment Party for up to 20 friends ($200 Value)
$50 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place: Emily P- Montclair

Narwhal’s Crafted $25 Gift Card
$125 Amazon Gift Card



4th Place: Julia- Parc Frontenac

$10 Jimmy Johns Gift Card
$40 Amazon Gift Card

5th Place: Sara K- Kingsbury

$10 Jimmy Johns Gift Card
$40 Amazon Gift Card

6th Place: Emily And Taylor- Montclair

$10 Jimmy Johns Gift Card
$40 Amazon Gift Card



7th Place: Sara B- Parc Frontenac

$10 Jimmy Johns Gift Card
$40 Amazon Gift Card

8th Place: Rachita- Montclair

$10 Jimmy Johns Gift Card
$40 Amazon Gift Card

9th Place: Cynthia & Adrienne

$10 Jimmy Johns Gift Card
$40 Amazon Gift Card



10th Place: Cathy- Georgian Court

$10 Jimmy Johns Gift Card
$40 Amazon Gift Card



*All participants receive a free STL soft t-shirt! Check email for pickup instructions.*

A HUGE thank you to our 2019 Sponsors:

Wellbridge Athletic Club
Jimmy Johns
Narwhals Crafted

See 2018’s winners HERE