2017 Annual Resident Apartment Design Contest – Hyde Park, Chicago

2017 Annual Resident Design Contest Prizes! See submission and voting platform below.

We wanted to thank each resident who took the time to upload photos of their apartment this year, giving us a look inside their personal style and detail for design. Friends, family, residents, and people from neighboring areas voted for their favorite apartments. We took the top 10 apartments with the most votes and submitted them to 10 design judges (a mix of local Chicago and Mac designers). See the winners and their apartments below!

First Place and winner of a 350 Amazon Gift Card…..

Justine and Daniel, “minamialist and modern theme”

2nd Place and winner of the $150 Amazon Gift Card:

Tiffani, “Kate Spade”

3rd Place and winner of the $50 Amazon gift card….

Stephanie, “my marvelous Chateaux”

Places 4-10 Receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card and are listed below! All entries receive a Free Hyde Park Heart shirt.

Places 4-10 in no particular order:

Miriam, “at city hyde park apartments”
Marie, “playing with colors”
Sarah, “my apartment is designed around pictures and travel”
Cindy, “beach chic”
Alex, my living space has always been important to me
Lex, simplicity
Melanie, quiet time

See all 2017 designs here!

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