2016 Resident Design Contest – Chicago

This was our first annual resident apartment design contest and we were humbled with the participation and beauty of your apartments. We had over 40 apartments submitted with over 1,700 votes. The votes determined the top 10 apartments which were then anonymously sent to a panel of designers to score each of the top 10. The designers were amazed at the quality of the apartment designs. Everyone who submitted their apartment is a winner with a free t-shirt that will be claimable at the office. Places 4-10 receive an additional $10 gift card, 3rd place receives a $75 gift card, 2nd place receives a $150 gift card, and 1st place recieves a grand prize of a $350 gift card. Here are your top 10 and your finalists.

$10 Gift Card Winner

$10 Gift Card Winner

$10 Gift Card Winner

$10 Gift Card Winner

$10 Gift Card Winner

Of places 4-10, this was voted by the office staff as their favorite and winner of a $25 gift card.

This apartment came in 4th place. The point differential between 3rd and 4th place was so close that we are going to give a surpise $25 gift card to Brittany.

$75 Gift Card winner

$150 Gift Card Winner

$350 Gift Card Wiiner!

To see all the submissions, you can visit the contest page. We will also have the winners displayed at our office. Thank you to all who voted and all who participated. We are looking forward to next years resident design contest!

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