Mac Properties events and local KC events.

September 29, 2015

Soft T-shirts, Selfie Sticks, and Division Titles-KC Employee Appreciation

Getting a vacation is hard. Getting a vacation for twenty-eight people who are all instrumental in keeping a business running is near impossible. Through a stroke of luck (and the generosity of our boss, thanks Tori!) nearly all of Mac’s employees got to spend a warm and beautiful Thursday evening at Kauffman Stadium. While there, we properly defined the word, […]
September 3, 2015

Thoughts Of An Intern: Pool Days Done Right

Last Saturday (the 29th) saw a collaboration between Mac and thirty or so residents as we tried to close the summer out right. Despite clouds flexing so hard that you could swear you smelled the rain in the air, we held fast and were rewarded with a good time. Thanks to some great jams and some amazing Sweet Tea moonshine (courtesy of […]
August 13, 2015

Staying Royal like it is year 1738

Occasionally, you need to drop the traditional grind and take 45 residents on a bus to the Royals game. We lost, but everyone still got to experience a great game with great people. We left the stadium with at least 17..or 38 out of the 45 residents who came on the bus. If you are still stuck out at the […]
August 6, 2015

Thoughts of an Intern: Stephan’s “Sunday Funday”

Turns out that all it takes to get people together is twenty red solo cups and a couple of ping-pong balls. The pool party/game day this recent Sunday was a righteous way to get to know the residents, a sometimes rare feat given that I’m hidden away in a secret lab in Clyde Manor. Not only that, but it was […]