Mac Apartment Fitness Center Routines – KC

Mac Properties Apartment Fitness Room Routines

Getting creative with your limited space and machinery in the apartment fitness rooms can be tough and demotivating. We partnered with Joshua Williams to help develop routines for each building’s fitness center. We are doing this as a trial and seeing if they are well received. We hope you find this info helpful. All the fitness routines will be hosted on Joshua’s blog and the Mac building specific links to each routine will be listed here:


Park Central Circuit Training – No Free-Weights

Park Central Fitness Room






Virtual Tour of Park Central Fitness Center




Clyde Manor Circuit Training Routine

Clyde Manor Fitness Room






Virtual Tour of Clyde Manor Fitness Center


International Upper-Body






Virtual Tour of International Fitness Center


Please use these routines as guides and not directions. Mac cannot be held responsible for any injuries occurred during the work out process and you should always consult a fitness professional before performing these moves.


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